Play Pokies For Fun

People love to play reel pokies. The good old three reel pokies machines are still popular, but they have morphed from mechanical devices to digital ones.

Perhaps the newer generation can appreciate these more. After all, almost every single device they use is digital. They are used to it. What will our children be used to by the time they are old enough to gamble? Perhaps there will be something more sophisticated than digital pokies.

But the people playing at the casinos today are largely baby boomers. They are in their fifties and sixties and older. And they prefer the good old three reel pokies that are not digital.

Digital pokies tend to create the awareness that the slot machine was computer programmed, and is only programmed to win at a certain time, if at all. The gamblers are intelligent and experienced. They have been around for a long time. That is, they would rather play on the old fashioned pokies, rather than the digital slot machine that is programmed to win at 2:43 a. M. They may feel that they have more of an understanding about what the slot machine will do. In the Old West pokies probably could not be fixed for a while, perhaps until they realized how to fix them to constantly lose.

People today want to win, too. And if they feel that they have no chance, other than that one programmed win, they will be more reluctant to play at the digital reel pokies.

There is also a sense of old fashioned times, the good old days, the happy days, when they were younger. They may not want to see things get so computerized. And they know that these computerized parts get out of hand sometimes, and they it is not possible for the individual to fix them. They certainly do not want to gamble their money away feeling that way.

As the slot machines, along with other gambling devices on line and what have you, become more sophisticated, the feeling that you actually have a chance at beating a computer becomes less and less. The fun is gone. Perhaps it will continue to fool the obsessive gambler, or the child who is experimenting with gambling on line. But for the old fashioned gambler, they may just leave the pokies altogether, or play them much less, and end up visiting the live poker table instead, with a live dealer. Of course, they may be able to visit some of the older towns in Nevada that still have the good old three reel, non-digital pokies to play reel pokies.